2020 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2020-10-03 Receiving and Giving Forgiveness Pastor Samuel Play
2020-08-29 Leaving The Cities Richard Zimmerman Play
2020-08-22 The Cross Roy Galan Play
2020-08-15 A Bold Prayer Ron Shelton Play
2020-08-01 Sermon Aug 1st Pastor Samuel Negrea Play
2020-07-25 The Cross and Revelation Roy Galan Play
2020-07-18 Sermon_7_18_20.mp3 Richard Zimmermann Play
2020-07-11 It's All In The Touch Kerry Wilcut Play
2020-07-04 Jesus an Attraction for Sinners Pastor Samuel Negrea Play
2020-02-22 God's Tap On My Shoulder Roy Galan Play
2020-01-25 Lessons From Daniel, Part 3 Roy Galan Play
2020-01-11 Remembering God's Mercies Richard Gates Play