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Date Title Presenter
2010-12-19 "Signs" Terry Shelton Play
2010-12-04 Sermon Dec. 4 2010 Kurt Miyashiro Play
2010-11-28 Sermon Nov 27 Tom Mann Play
2010-11-21 "Follow Me" Kerry Wilcut Play
2010-11-14 November_6_2010.mp3 Tom Mann Play
2010-11-14 "Growing Up in Christ" Terry Shelton Play
2010-10-25 sermon_10_23_10.mp3 Kerry Wilcut Play
2010-10-11 “ The Self Righteous Unrighteous-the Critics of Jesus” Tom Mann Play
2010-09-03 “Not of This Fold” Tom Mann Play
2010-09-03 "God's Standards Prepare Us for the Crisis" David Gates Play
2010-08-14 8.14.2010 Ken Denslow Play
2010-07-10 NO MULE PUPPY!!! Tom Mann Play
2010-06-25 “Don’t Stop Thanking!” Kevin Hart Play
2010-07-02 "Honor the King" Tom Mann Play
2010-06-18 “God’s Will…the Biblical View” Tom Mann Play
2010-06-18 “Last Instruction..Jesus’ Prayer” Pastor Dale Barnhurst Play
2010-03-26 “The Two Natures of Man” Ron Shelton Play
2010-04-09 “Master Designer” Pastor Dale Barnhurst Play
2010-03-19 “God’s True Forgiveness” Tom Mann Play
2010-03-05 “Crumbs From the Master’s Table” Marietta Kellum Play
2010-03-12 "Last Instruction - Abide in the Vine Pastor Dale Barnhurst Play
2010-02-14 “Love Languages” Pastor Dale Barnhurst Play
2010-02-06 “Creation or Evolution” Rueben Thorson Play
2010-02-06 Jan. 30, 2010 Paul Saint-Villiers Play
2010-01-25 "A Man Sent From God” Teresa Shelton Play
2010-01-25 “Go in the Strength You Have” Dale Barnhurst Play
2010-01-11 ”Prayer Lessons” Pastor Dale Barnhurst Play
2010-01-04 ”A Radical Perspective” Ron Shelton Play