2011 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2011-12-30 "Remember Me" Donnie Shelton Play
2011-12-23 "God's Greatest Gift" Tom Mann Play
2011-12-10 Over Coming Thru the Word Ron Shelton Play
2011-12-02 "Last Supper" Delmar Austin Play
2011-11-25 sermon Nov. 26 Tom Mann Play
2011-11-25 Sermon Nov. 12 Kurt Miyashiro Play
2011-11-04 "Sugarcoated Lies" Pastor Adrian Play
2011-10-07 Sermon Tom Mann Play
2011-09-30 “Pay Attention” Pastor Adrian Play
2011-09-24 “Meaning of Life” Tom Mann Play
2011-08-19 “Step Back and Enjoy!” Pastor Adrian Play
2011-08-12 sermon Dr. Ruth Horton Play
2011-07-30 "The Love of God" Terry Marshall Play
2011-07-22 Clyde LIston Clyde Liston Play
2011-07-15 “Comforted to Comfort” Pastor Adrian Play
2011-07-01 "Not License to Sin" Pastor Adrian Play
2011-06-24 "Press On" Tom Mann Play
2011-06-17 "Returning Hearts" Pastor Adrian Play
2011-06-17 "Free!-His Righteousness" Richard Gates Play
2011-05-20 Unity in Diversity Tom Mann and Pastor Adrian Play
2011-05-13 "What Is Truth" Tom Mann Play
2011-05-06 "WHO IS SHE?" Pastor Adrian Play
2011-04-15 “Trustees Who Don’t Trust” Pastor Adrian Play
2011-04-08 “Junkyard Miracles” Beth Miyashiro Play
2011-04-01 “Touching the Untouchable” Pastor Adrian Play
2011-03-18 "Spring Cleaning" Pastor Adrian Play
2011-03-18 "What I Have Learned From Running" Kurt Miyashiro Play
2011-02-26 Day of Atonement" Fitzroy Anderson Play
2011-02-18 “Surviving or Striving?” Pastor Adrian Play
2011-02-11 “This is IT – God Is My Refuge!” Richard Gates Play
2011-02-05 “20/20 Vision” Pastor Adrian Play
2011-01-28 “What Are Your Plans?” Terry Marshall Play
2011-01-21 “These Fiery Trials” Terry Shelton Play
2011-01-07 “One Size Fits All” Pastor Richard Gates Play
2010-12-31 “In the Beginning, GOD” Pastor Adrian Amarandei Play