2012 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2014-10-24 Personal Testimony Tim Doyle Play
2012-12-28 The Mighty Angel of Revelation 10 Ron Shelton Play
2012-12-21 Greatest Gift Tom Mann Play
2012-11-30 Out of This World Pastor Adrian Play
2012-11-23 The Early Church Faith Deyvy Rodriquez Play
2012-11-16 Pants on Fire Pasto Adrian Play
2012-11-13 To Judge or not to Judge Ron Shelton Play
2012-11-13 sermon_11_03_12.mp3 Elder Delmar Austin Play
2012-10-19 Then The End WIll Come Pastor Adrian Play
2012-10-12 The Greater and Lesser Lights Pastor Adrian Play
2012-10-06 My Martin Stinger Tony Hunter Play
2012-09-24 sermon Sept. 22 Tom Mann Play
2012-09-14 His Humble Heart Shelley Quinn Play
2012-09-07 Baby Dedication for Maddalena Aileen Marie Orlando Lopez Play
2012-09-07 Who Is Christ to You? Orlando Lopez Play
2012-08-24 "Love" Tom Mann Play
2012-08-17 The Way of Escape Pastor Adrian Play
2012-08-10 The Four Horsemen of Revelation Ron Shelton Play
2012-08-03 sermon_08_4_2012.mp3 Pastor Arnet Mathers Play
2012-07-20 Investing in Sand Castles Pastor Adrian Play
2012-07-13 God's Plan, Not Ours Richard Gates Play
2012-07-06 Lullaby Paster Adrian Play
2012-06-29 Goin' Home Ron Shelton Play
2012-06-22 The Divine Pursuit Kurt Miyashiro Play
2012-06-08 Why Are You An Adventist Richard Gates Play
2012-06-01 As often...Remember and Proclaim Pastor Adrian Play
2012-05-25 "Authority" tom Mann Play
2012-05-04 The Other Great Commission Kurt Miyashiro Play
2012-04-27 God's Hand on My Life Richard Gates Play
2012-04-20 "You Will be Tested" Catrina LeSure Play
2012-04-13 "The Harvest" Ron Brown Play
2012-04-06 "swap" Pastor Adrian Play
2012-03-16 The Greatest Investment of All Manny Ojeda Play
2012-03-02 "I" vs. Heart Service Pastor Adrain Play
2012-02-24 "In the Little Things.." Tom Mann Play
2012-02-10 America in Prophecy Ron Shelton Play
2012-02-03 "Love@my.home" Pastor Adrian Play
2012-01-27 "A Child of God-Sonship" Tom Mann Play
2012-01-20 "Stick together" Pastor Adrian Play
2012-01-06 "Time to See His Glory" Pastor Adrian Play