2014 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2014-12-26 "Pass HIM On" Kerry Wilcut Play
2014-12-19 "The Light Is Here" Pastor Tom Play
2014-11-28 The Assembling Merritt Mills Play
2014-11-14 Losing Control Pastor Tom Play
2014-11-07 Love Responsibility Tom Mann Play
2014-10-31 Just Give Up Pastor Tom Play
2014-10-24 sermon 10/18/14 Tom Mann Play
2014-10-03 sermon_10_4_14 Play
2014-10-10 sermon_10_11_14 Play
2014-09-26 Dirty Little Secret Kerry Wilcut Play
2014-09-19 An Unitended Consequence Pastor Tom Play
2014-09-12 Sermon 9_6_14 Play
2014-08-22 sermon 8.23.14 Fitroy Anderson Play
2014-08-15 Righteousness Does as Righteousness Is Pastor Tom Ferguson Play
2014-08-08 Why the World Still Needs a Judgment Day Pastor Delmar Austin Play
2014-07-25 God's Remnant Church Kerry Wilcut Play
2014-07-04 A True Disciple Pastor Tom Play
2014-06-27 Sermon June 28 Tom Mann Play
2014-06-20 It's Just a Small Thing Ron Shelton Play
2014-06-13 The Good Father Tom Mann Play
2014-05-23 Memorial Day-Man's or God's Richard Gates Play
2014-03-28 The Rock Kerry Wilcut Play
2014-03-21 The Unmentionables Tom Mann Play
2014-03-21 Sermon 3-15-14 Play
2014-03-07 Sermon 3-8 John Dinzey Play
2014-02-21 Through Ruthie Jacobsen Play
2014-02-14 Sermon Tom Mann Play
2014-01-31 Tear Down This Wall Pastor Adrian Play
2014-01-17 CPS, Beyond CPR Pastor Adrian Play
2014-01-03 Sermon Jan 4 Pastor Adrian Play
2014-01-10 The Message Made Simple Tom Mann Play