2017 sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2018-01-06 Sermon Dec. 30 Kerry Wilcut Play
2017-12-23 Prayer Priorities-Are Mine Right Richard Gates Play
2017-12-09 A Perfect World Terry Shelton Play
2017-12-02 How Great You Are Tom Mann Play
2017-11-25 We Shall See His Face Kerry Wilcut Play
2017-11-18 The Ole Okie Doke Ron Huff Play
2017-11-11 Making Disciples Ron Shelton Play
2017-11-04 The Image Maker Pastor Tom Play
2017-10-21 What Happened to My Sin Pastor Tom Play
2017-10-14 When The World's On Fire Tom Mann Play
2017-09-30 Remember Terry Shelton Play
2017-09-23 Religious Liberty A Church Authority Tim Doyle Play
2017-09-09 The Sabbath is a Special Sign Richard Gates Play
2017-09-02 Choice Abuse Pastor Tom Play
2017-08-26 A Great Wonder In Heaven Richard Zimmermann Play
2017-08-19 The Narrow Way Pastor Tom Play
2017-08-12 We Are at War Kerry Wilcut Play
2017-08-05 The Heart of The Matter Pastor Tom Play
2017-07-29 A Perfect Mess Richard Zimmermann Play
2017-07-22 You Know Not What Manner of Spirit You Are Of Tim Doyle Play
2017-07-15 Will Power Pastor Tom Play
2017-07-08 He Cares About The Details Tom Mann Play
2017-07-08 Gods Love Rog Galan Play
2017-06-24 Nearly Home Ron Shelton Play
2017-06-17 Start With Why Pastor Tom Play
2017-06-03 The Work of Obedience Pastor Tom Play
2017-05-20 The Consecrated Life Pastor Tom Play
2017-05-13 What's On The Inside Tom Mann Play
2017-05-06 The Jesus Factor Pastor Tom Play
2017-04-08 What Is That In Your Hand Katrina Lubinski Play
2017-04-01 The Power of Love Pastor Tom Play
2017-03-25 Though He Slay Me, Yet I Will Trust Him Tim Doyle Play
2017-03-18 The Seventh Woe Pastor Tom Play
2017-03-11 If God Nees Community? Elder John Grys Play
2017-03-11 Leaky Dr. Steve Scott Play
2017-03-11 Way_of_Life.mp3 Elder John Grys Play
2017-03-04 The Tempter's Snare Pastor Tom Play
2017-02-25 Tidings Out Of The East And Out Of The North Richard Zimmermann Play
2017-02-18 The Holy One Pastor Tom Play
2017-02-11 Words We Do Not Want To Hear Kerry Wilcut Play
2017-02-04 The Holy Club Pastor Tom Play
2017-01-28 Sinful Independence Tim Doyle Play
2017-01-21 Saving Faith Pastor Tom Play
2017-01-14 Unscene Media Dee Casper Play
2017-01-07 Nothing Between Pastor Tom Play