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  • 2020 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2020-10-03 Receiving and Giv... Pastor Samuel Play
    2020-08-29 Leaving The Cities Richard Zimmerman Play
    2020-08-22 The Cross Roy Galan Play
  • 2019 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2019-08-24 Watch and Be Ready Kerry Wilcut Play
    2019-08-03 The Least of These Ron Shelton Play
    2019-05-18 Be My Witnesses Pastor Tom Play
  • 2018 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2018-12-29 A Neglected Prophecy Richard Gates Play
    2018-12-01 The Bridegroom Co... Pastor Tom Play
    2018-11-24 How Soon We Forget Terry Shelton Play