2018 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2018-12-29 A Neglected Prophecy Richard Gates Play
2018-12-01 The Bridegroom Cometh Pastor Tom Play
2018-11-24 How Soon We Forget Terry Shelton Play
2018-10-27 The Giant Must Fall Roy Galan Play
2018-10-06 My Witnesses Pastor Tom Play
2018-09-22 Prophetic Time Kerry Wilcut Play
2018-09-15 Servant Leadership Pastor Tom Play
2018-09-08 A Pause For Peace Roy Galan Play
2018-09-01 The Will-The Power of Choice-and Will Power Pastor Tom Play
2018-08-18 The Pharisee & Tax Collector Elder Ron Aguilera Play
2018-08-04 Our Greatest Need Pastor Tom Play
2018-07-28 Battle for Your Mind Ron Shelton Play
2018-07-21 Saved ro Serve Pastor Tom Play
2018-07-07 Faith and Feelings Pastor Tom Play
2018-06-23 The Seven Seals of Revelation Kerry Wilcut Play
2018-06-16 Laodicia Kerry Wilcut Play
2018-06-09 Abba Adonai Tom Mann Play
2018-06-02 Good Works, Bad Works and Salvation Pastor Tom Play
2018-05-12 Listen To Mom, God Does Roy Galan Play
2018-05-05 What Is Righteousness Pastor Tom Play
2018-04-28 Are We Ready Kerry Wilcut Play
2018-04-14 The Great Divide Richard Zimmermann Play
2018-04-07 The Storehouse Pastor Tom Play
2018-03-31 Redeemed Terry Shelton Play
2018-03-24 Bruised and Broken Ron Shelton Play
2018-03-17 The Essential Numeric Value of Love Pastor Tom Play
2018-03-10 Are You Ready To Cast Down Thy Crown Roy Galan Play
2018-03-03 Unity In Diversity Pastor Tom Play
2018-02-24 Come Let Us Worship Terry Shelton Play
2018-02-17 Will He Find Faith Pastor Tom Play
2018-02-10 Maturity- What is Truth Tom Mann Play
2018-02-03 A Matter of Perspective Pastor Tom Play
2018-01-27 You Had Enough Roy Galan Play
2018-01-20 A Matter of Trust Pastor Tom Play
2018-01-06 The Faithful Steward Pastor Tom Play